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University of Arkansas NewswireUA Researchers Developing the Future of Electric, Hybrid Vehicles” <April 29, 2019>

University of Arkansas Newswire “UA Engineering Research Team Presents on Capitol Hill” <April 25, 2019>   

NWA Business Journal “UA team building solar inverter for businesses” <March 6, 2019>

Times Record “Department of Energy solar grant” <August 26, 2018>

Arkansas Times “UA professor wins $3.4 million grant” <August 20, 2018>

Talk Business & Politics “UA professor Yue Zhao receives $3.4 million for solar inverter research”, <August 20, 2018>

Arkansas Business “UA Engineering Professor Gets $3.4M Grant” <August 20, 2018>

University of Arkansas Newswire “Zhao Receives $3.4 Million Award to Develop Solar Inverter” <August 20, 2018>

University of Arkansas Newswire Researchers Set U of A Record for NSF Early Career Grants Earned in One Year”<July 5, 2018>

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, “UA researcher tackles solar power” <June 25, 2018>

University of Arkansas Research Frontiers, “NSF Award Powers New Technology for Electric Vehicles” <April 16, 2018>

University of Arkansas Newswire, “U of A Receives $3.2 Million from the Department of Energy” <September 7, 2017>